Simple Flash Video Player Kopie

Simple Flash Video Player

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With this extension you can put Flash videos on your website. NonverBlaster:hover was used as player. You can find more detailed information about this player on the authors website.

Knows Issues

  • The HUD Display may not fit on your screen
    As there are a lot of options in this extension, the HUD display may not fit on your screen. I hope there will be an option to separate the options in an upcoming version of Stacks.
  • The player does not appear in preview mode
    Due to security restritions of the Flash Player Plugin, the player may not be loaded in preview mode if you choose external URL for your files (which will be common). More detailed information about this problem can be found in this Blog Post.


Player ID

The Player ID determins the HTML ID of the container holding the video. If you want to put more than one player on a page, keep this ID unique for every player.

Video URL

The URL of the video file.

Teaser URL

The URL of the preview image that will e shown until the player get started.


Width of the player (just the amount of pixel without a trailing "px").


Height of the player (just the amount of pixel without a trailing "px").

Background Color

The background color of the player window.

Allow Full Screen

Determins if the player can be switched in full screen mode.

Allow Smoothing


Auto Play

If this is set the video will automaticaly start after loading.


How much second the player will buffer before he starts playing.

Show Timecode

Here you can switch on a timecode display.

Control Color

Color of ther player controls. Use the HTML color code without the leading #.

Scale if Full Screen

Should the video be zoomed when you switch to full screen mode?

Show Scaling Button

Enables the scaling button in the player.

Default Volume

The default volume whe a player was loaded..